Intelligent security robot was invited to DOCOMO 5G new product launch in Japan

On October 11, 2019, the intelligent security robot was invited to appear at the DOCOMO 5G new product launch in Japan. DOCOMO is the largest mobile operator in Japan, providing a series of mobile data services including "5G" for the Japanese market.

Guozi Robotics intelligent security robot can independently or assist in the monitoring, patrol and security work of important places, meeting the safety protection requirements of smart city, smart community, smart factory, large storage and various commercial complexes.

Guozi Robotics security robot adopts 5G communication technology with high bandwidth and low delay, realizes autonomous walking and human-computer interaction by combining real-time edge computing with high computing power of cloud computing, and carries out intelligent recognition and detection through deep learning framework of artificial intelligence, so as to realize rapid iteration of robot function and better adapt to changes of environment and customer requirements. In Japan, where there is a high degree of aging and lack of security personnel, the intelligent security robots will play a very positive role in the development of security industry.

Intelligent patrol all time, safety along the way,Intelligent patrol unlimited, safe and sound, the security of the next generation is up to Guozi Robotics!