bauma CHINA 2020 | Guozi robot made its debut in Shanghai BMW Construction Machinery Exhibition

On November 24, 2020, the biennial Bauma China 2020 was solemnly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, where many leading enterprises in related industries gathered, displayed tens of thousands of innovative products and technologies, and has become a stage for global construction machinery enterprises to compete with each other. As a provider of intelligent logistics and distribution solutions for construction machinery industry, Guozi Robotics has brought a number of AMRs to this exhibition.

Guozi Robotics has mature cases and solutions in intelligent assembly and intelligent distribution. Assembly AMR can be customized according to customer's workpiece demand, ranging from 1 ton to 100 tons, and can design tooling according to the equipment to be transported. In the direction of intelligent distribution, Guozi Robotics adopts the laser slam navigation mode to reduce or avoid the damage to the factory environment.It has a long model to match the special needs of the construction machinery industry. At the same time, the dispatching system of Guozi Robotics has perfect functions, which can dispatch more than 1000 AMRs in the same scene to meet the needs of the whole field distribution.

The Ants from Guozi demonstrated how to smoothly complete in-situ rotation and turning in a narrow field, and how to let the guests have a more intuitive understanding of the AMR intelligent handling process.