Ants 300kg
Product parameter
Performance Parameter
Product Ants 300kg
Dimension 795*550*275
Maximum payload 300kg
Self weight 100kg
chassis above ground height (mm) 20
Rotating diameter (mm) 855
Maximum lifting height 60mm
Minimum lifting time 2s
Navigation Laser/OR code
Navigation accuracy ±10mm
Repeatable Positioning accuracy (single vehicle/multiple vehicles) (mm) ±10mm
Stop angle accuracy <0.5°
woving mode Forward、backward、swerve、rotate
driving mode Two-wheel differential
maximum operating speed(empty) 2.0m/s
maximum operating speed(full load) 1.5m/s
over-obstacle capacity(full load/empty) 5mm
over-ditch capacity(full load/empty) 8mm
network configuration 5.8GHz wireless network, 802.11a/n
obsttacle detection mode front laser detection(rear laser is optional)
collider test Front and rear collision bar detection
scram button front and rear
battery category lithium iron phosphate battery
nominal voltage 51.2V
charging cycle times 1500(complete charging and discharging)
rated operating time 8h
charging time 1.5H