6t heavy carrier robot
Product parameter
Performance Parameter
Product 6t heavy carrier robot
Working Environment indoor temperature 0-45 Celsius,humidity 20%-85%
Noise less than 70dB
Dimension customized
Maximum payload 6000kg
Self weight 2200kg
chassis above ground height (mm) 40
Rotating diameter (mm) 3400
Maximum lifting height 380mm
Lifting speed adjustable
Minimum lifting time 2s
Lifting method hydraumatic
Drive wheel diameter(m) 0.27
Driving wheel material polyurethane
Drive wheel spacing (mm) 2402
driving motor power (KW) 2.2
Navigation Laser/OR code/magnetic navigation
Navigation accuracy ±10mm
Stop accuracy ±10mm
Repeatable Positioning accuracy (single vehicle/multiple vehicles) (mm) ±10mm
Stop angle accuracy <0.5°
woving mode Forward、backward、swerve、rotate
driving mode steering wheel
braking mode Electromagnetic brake
braking distance 191mm
rated operating speed(empty) 0.5~0.7/0.3~0.45m/s
rated operating speed(full load) 0.7/0.45m/s
maximum operating speed(empty) 0.5~0.7/0.3~0.45m/s
maximum operating speed(full load) 0.7/0.45m/s
stable running speed(empty) 0.4m/s
stable running speed(full load) 0.4m/s
maximum acceleration(empty) 0.25m/s²
maximum acceleration(full load) 0.14m/s²
maximum deceleration(empty) 0.25m/s²
Maximum deceleration(full load) 0.14m/s²
maximum gradeability 3%
over-obstacle capacity(full load/empty) 5mm
over-ditch capacity(full load/empty) 5mm
network configuration 802.11b/g/n/ac
obsttacle detection mode laser detection
maximum detection range 4m
collider test front rear and both sides
scram button front and rear
sound-light alarm equipped
battery capacity 180Ah
battery category lithium iron phosphate battery
nominal voltage 51.2V
charging cycle times 1500(complete charging and discharging)
rated operating time 8h
charge mode Online self-charging
charging voltage/current 48-58.4V/ current( adjustable)
charge-discharge ratio 1:5
battery indicator Percentage
vehicle display screen equipped
charging time 1.5H
manual mode of operation Remote control in the background
car body operation interface Equipped with on-board touch screen displaying status of battery power, task and error